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Grace is a place of extreme welcome and radical hospitality.  Among us are folks of great heart including the walking wounded of every sort: those suffering addiction and homelessness, restless children, honored elders, surly teens, seekers, gays and lesbians, good Christians, hopeless sinners, dyed-in-the-wool traditionalists, and more. Absolutely everyone is welcome here, and you are wanted, expected, awaited. 

While you journey with us, your talents will be put to use, your voice honored, your heart known, your needs respected, and your hurts treated with care. This, most basically, is who Grace Church is.  We think that our church should reflect the open-hearted God whom we worship, so welcome is our primary ministry.

But we’re also passionate about reaching out to those in need, which we are blessed to do through Fr. Bob’s Food Pantry, the Sunday Soup Kitchen, the Wednesday Community Supper, and yearly shelter to persons in homelessness through MCREST and the Macomb County Warming Center. We seek to offer to God and to God’s people, worship that is lively, lovely, and relevant.  We enjoy each other socially, we love children, we support our bishop, we try to know our community, we stand on our long, proud history, and we look for ways to grow in faith, courage, and love.  All that keeps us pretty busy!



Want to join us? Just come!

Membership in the Episcopal Church is wide-open to absolutely everyone, and communion, at Grace, is served to all who seek to taste more of Jesus’ love. Regular Sunday worship at Grace will lead you into the heart of the community whose life and work you may join at any level with which you are comfortable, but those who regularly attend Sunday worship, participate in Grace’s ministry and life, who contribute to Grace financially are likely to feel more deeply a part of our parish.


A member who wishes to serve on the Vestry — the parish’s leadership team — or be a delegate to our diocesan convention, must be a baptized Christian whose baptism has gotten recorded in the parish records, and who has been confirmed in the Episcopal Church, or welcomed into it by our bishop.


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