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It is probably safe to say that Grace has been ‘becoming’ for as long as it has been in existence. It is telling that one rarely hears it said that, “we are a beloved community”, because it indicates that the work is done. For those of us who are on this walk we know that while we have a way to go, we have faith that one day we will get there.


The beloved community is created when we become a people who embrace all with the care and love that is deserving of anyone who walks through our doors. When they feel it, they will come, when they know it, they will stay.


To engage in becoming a beloved community is ‘Church Changing’ at Grace. On the day this photo was taken high school students committed to serving the homeless on Dr. King Day. Just a simple act of serving coffee and donuts with young people who walked away from the experience feeling and believing that they were a part of something meaningful and more important than themselves. I guess I realized after they asked if they could come back, if that could move these students, then Grace is the place where we all can be moved.


Carol Allen Sullivan

Becoming the Beloved Community

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