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Church School and Nursery meet each Sunday during the school year at 10:15, for children of every age, gathering 15 minutes prior to worship. Barb Keranen, a retired specialist in Early Childhood Education, leads our Sunday ministries for children, using Jerome Berryman’s “Godly Play” Montessori-based curriculum. The Sunday School joins the worshipping congregation, for communion, at the Peace. Children are always wanted and warmly welcomed at worship, and are invited to use the Activity Bags at each entrance to the sanctuary when they do.

There are other educational offerings such as Book Discussion Group, and more. Check the calendar for these occasions of Christian Formation and companionship.




From the committee for “Enfolding our Children into Worship”


November 17th:   The Ark and the Tent

Today we go back to our old testament lessons.  There are two Hebrew words that we translate into English as “ark”  One word refers to the giant boat that Noah built.  The other word refers to the ark of the covenant.  This latter was a box or chest that contained at least the tablets of the commandments, and according to some traditions, the rod of Aaron and a vessel of manna.  Moses experienced God’s presence on the mountain, but also in the tent of meeting.  The two traditions of the tent and the ark came together in the tabernacle, described in today’s story


Tips for Helping Children Love Church:

Guide children through the service by moving your finger along under the words being read,

pointing out the candle-lighting, the bread and wine being lifted up, etc.