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The Prayers of this Congregation


For Ena Pederson, Cynthia Burdie, Michelle, Jeff & Samantha, Sirune, Odin & Thor, Genevieve & Rosy, Cindy, Deborah Pinto, Jeanne Nowak, Michelle Wisneski, Pam Sherry, Liz Morehouse, Janice Kibler, Nina DiGaetano, Charlotte Kalligeros, Suzanne Johnson, Pam Zawierucha, Sue Schlanbusch,Frank & Barbara Davenport, Joan Donald, Jean & Terry Hitchcock, Frank Laura, Wendy, Joan Walsh, Carol Bales, Candy Dixon, Amy, Mark, Emily, Nathan, Jennifer Holland, Sherie Borsa, Riley Burkholder, Nina DiGaetano, Sabria, Susan Fox, Mike Oakley, Ellen Laudicina, Frank and Barbara Davenport, Dan Davenport, Donna Hanes, Jim Smith, Herman Houser.


Please note:  Names will remain on the prayer list for one month. 

In order to add someone or keep someone on  the prayer list, please fill out a new prayer card

(from the back of the pews) and place it in the offering tray.


Do you know someone who is ill?  Please contact the office and we will add them to the prayer list.




Thursdays at 10:00 am on Zoom

(Meeting info will remain as follows each week)

Meeting ID: 897 3241 7015     Password: 683930

Or call:  312-626-6799



Our book club is an important time for us to meet to discuss our chosen book as well as share stories, laughs and fellowship. We don't want to let it go!  We have decided to meet at the church on Tuesday, September 15 at 6:30, with a maximum of 10 in person. Additional members can join via phone conference at the same time. We will discuss A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler.  If you wish to join us in person, please call ASAP to reserve your seat.  Once the 10 person limit is filled, others will be invited to join by phone.

Ann Strevel:    586.463.5488

Ann Farrell:    586.899.0605


We still have several of these daily devotionals for Aug-Oct in both regular and large print. 

Please call the office to have one mailed to you.  While supplies last!



Have you moved?  Gotten rid of your landline? Changed your phone number? 

Please let the office know — 586-465-4573 or

Grace Episcopal Church of Mt. Clemens

Phone: (586) 465-4573

115 S Main St, Mt Clemens, MI 48043, USA

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