Grace Episcopal Church of Mt. Clemens

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115 S Main St, Mt Clemens, MI 48043, USA

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The Prayers of this Congregation


For all refugees, especially those at our southern border; for the farmers across our country who are struggling; for Bonnie Perry, our Bishop, for Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury; Michael Curry, our Presiding Bishop; Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr., our retired bishop; Moises Quezada Mota, Bishop of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic; Elizabeth Eaton, ELCA Presiding Bishop; Donald P. Kreiss, ELCA Bishop, SE Michigan Synod; Craig Satterlee, ELCA Bishop, NW Lower Michigan Synod; Stewart Wood, our retired bishop; and our whole diocesan household, including St. Clement’s in Inkster, St. Matthew’s in Jalongo DR, St. Thomas’ in Gautier DR; for Donald, our President, and

all members of Congress.


For Ena Pederson, Sid Stayler, Cynthia Burdie, Michelle, Jeff & Samantha, Odin & Thor, Genevieve & Rosy, Cindy, Deborah Pinto, Pam Stotz, Jeanne Nowak, Michelle Wisneski, Pam Sherry, Liz Morehouse, Janice Kibler, Nina DiGaetano, Charlotte Kalligeros, Suzanne Johnson, Pam Zawierucha, Sue Schlanbusch, Brenda Steinberger-Domienik, Sabrina, Frank & Barbara Davenport, Joan Donald, Jean & Terry Hitchcock, Frank Laura, Wendy, Barb Keranen, Carol Bales.

Please note:  Names will remain on the prayer list for one month. 

In order to add someone or keep someone on  the prayer list, please fill out a new prayer card (from the back of the pews) and place it in the offering tray.


Do you know someone who is ill?  Please contact the office and we will add them to the prayer list.




Please consider serving as host for Coffee Hour following our 10:30 service.  One time commitment only.  Money is budgeted for coffee, food and supplies, so hosts do not have to absorb those costs. Sign up on the sheet in the hallway or call the office to volunteer.



We will be using a special Lenten version of this Episcopal Church program on the five Sundays of March.  Please join us between services from 9:25-10:15.  Each session is autonomous and you don’t have to prepare anything — just show up!  We hope to see you there!



Saturday, March 28, 1-4.  Yarn donations are gratefully accepted.



Keep an eye out for your US Census form and make sure to fill it out and send it in.  Information you provide is always kept confidential, and it is critical to the community that everyone is counted.



Thursday, April 2, 1-7 in the Parish Hall. 



Have you moved?  Gotten rid of your landline? Changed your phone number? 

Please let the office know — 586-465-4573 or


Yoga classes with Vivian Dusina have resumed, Thursdays at 7 pm, downstairs. 

Fee is $7 per class, all proceeds go to Grace.

Any Sunday

EUCHARISTIC VISITORS  Please call the office when you are going to be in the hospital.

Also, call the office if you’d like, for any reason, to receive communion at home.