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Saint John

john the baptist.png

Matthew 3:13 Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan, to be baptized by him.


The Saint John window was given by Kathryn Stephens Fletcher Stewart (Mrs. G Duffield Stewart), and dedicated to the memory of her mother, Catherine Traver Stephens. Records are incomplete, but probably the Saint John window was given sometime after 1911. Catherine Traver Stephens also known as Kate Traver Stephens was born March 14, 1828, and died January 6, 1911. She was the daughter of  John L. Traver and Katherine Shook. Sometime after Kathryn Stephens Fletcher Stewart (Mrs. G Duffield Stewart), was born, her mother and father divorced. Catherine (Kate) Traver Stephens is likely the Mrs. Kate Stephens who was a member of the first confirmation class of Grace Church in 1869 and was a charter member of Grace Church Parish.


Catherine (Kate) Traver married Moore Stephens on April 6, 1852. Moore Stephens was born on December 10, 1816, and died May 28, 1863. In 1877, Catherine (Kate) Traver Stephens married Thomas Martin Crocker. She was his second wife. They were divorced in 1892. Catherine (Kate) Traver Stephens Crocker, died January 6, 1911.


Kathryn Stephens Stewart was born sometime in 1858 and was the daughter of Catherine Traver and Moore Stephens. On November 19, 1878, at the age of 20, Kathryn Stephens married George Woodruff Fletcher, age 25, at the home of the her parents, Moore and Catherine Trever Crocker Stephens. After his death she married Dr. G. Duffield Stewart sometime between 1900-1902. She was the proprietor of the Sherman House in Mount Clemens for several years. She died April 15, 1941 at the age of 81 years.


The Munich Studio of Chicago, Illinois made this window.

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