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Saint Matthew


Matthew 9:9 As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax booth; and he said to him, "Follow me." And he got up and followed him.


Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Warren gave this window in 1930. Arthur Jay Warren was born October 23, 1869, son of Jesse and Mary Dexter Warren of Flint, Michigan. He practiced medicine in Mount Clemens for 40 years. He married Luella Maud Kirkhuff, born April 8, 1870, daughter of John Kirkhuff of Fenton, Michigan, in August 25 1897. Dr. Warren died February 28, 1936. Luella Maud Warren died June 14, 1960.


Matthew's main symbol is that of a winged man. He can also be portrayed as a man/scribe writing at a desk or holding a book/scroll. You can see that Matthew is holding a book and quill.



The Munich Studio of Chicago, Illinois, made this Window.

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